What is a “Focus Program”?

The Institut français develops programs specifically designed to offer foreign professionals who are influential in their fields a better understanding of the French arts scene.

The “Focus” program enables directors, curators, art critics, producers, managers of cultural venues, etc. to attend the most iconic events in their respective fields (festivals, biennials, fairs, etc.) and meet French professionals in order to promote international exchanges and cooperation.

The “Digital Arts” Focus program in 2023

The Institut français and the French cultural network abroad support the international circulation of digital arts while aiming at fostering collaborations between professionals of this sector.

Following the success of the digital creation Focus programs previously organized (Focus programs dedicated to Immersive Realities in 2018, 2019, 2022, Digital mediation and cultural innovation in 2019, Media arts and digital creations in 2020), the Institut français will organize a Focus program dedicated to digital arts, from May 15th to May 20th, 2023, in partnership with Le Cube, on the occasion of the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) 2023, which will take place in Paris, France.

This Focus program will gather in Paris, France approximately twenty international professionals, invited to meet with French key actors of the digital arts field (artists, producers, festivals and cultural venues directors, etc.) during the course of a scouting trip showcasing the best of French digital artworks

This Focus aims to:

  • present the French artworks and know-how in the realm of digital arts;
  • encourage the circulation and programming of French digital artworks abroad;
  • foster collaborations and partnerships between French and foreign professionals;
  • open international coproduction prospects between French and foreign actors.

Preliminary program

This scouting trip will include the following sequences (to be confirmed):

  • Presentation of digital artworks programmed in the frame the ISEA2023 artistic program, in partner venues in Paris and the greater Paris area;
  • Participation in various sequences of the ISEA2023 academic symposium, held from May 16th to May 21st at the Forum des Images in Paris;
  • Meetings with French and foreign professionals: one-to-one meetings organized to foster international collaborations, networking events, workshops, panel discussions and conferences.
  • Visits of key cultural venues dedicated to digital arts in Paris and the greater Paris area.


Host to 60 participating countries, ISEA — the International Symposium on Electronic Art — is a major international event focused on digital creation. Each year, the event is held in a different country. This trans-disciplinary conference reunites actors in digital arts, design, research, and cultural and creative industries (CCI) effecting tremendous creative progress.

Between round-table meetings, networking events, project presentations, and exhibitions of artistic projects, ISEA highlights the best in digital creation from around the world with creative discernment and an eye for novelty. The 28th edition will be held in Paris, France on the theme Symbiosis.

ISEA2023 will bring together nearly 2000 international creators, researchers, and innovators, along with more than 100 000 anticipated visitors. Partnered with actors in 60 participating countries, the event will lend international visibility to digital ecosystems around the world, and to the French scene in particular.

The Cube, executive producer of ISEA2023 promotes transversal perspectives in the arts, sciences, and society more widely, through programs centering digital education, arts, and their future prospects.

Further information: ISEA2023 website

Profile of participants

This program addresses professionals of the digital arts field, currently working for established cultural institutions renowned in international networks. Priority will be given to professionals seeking to further their knowledge of the French cultural and artistic scene, who are in capacity to invite international artists in their institution’s programming and those who seek to strengthen long term collaborations with French venues and artists.

Profiles of professionals targeted include the following:

  • Directors and curators of cultural institutions, museums, art centers, art galleries…
  • Directors and programmers of festivals and events which place a strong emphasis on digital creations
  • Public policy makers in charge of cultural and touristic urban facilities which include a strong digital creation component
  • Producers seeking for international coproduction opportunities

The Focus program sequences will take place exclusively in English. Participants are expected to be in capacity to present their activities in English and to have a professional proficiency of the English language.

How to participate ?

The selection of the participants will be made by the Institut français in Paris and its partners in March 2023.

Professionals interested in participating in the program are invited to contact the French cultural services or the French Institute in their country of residence prior to February 20th, 2023, with a resume and cover letter.

Important information:

  • Participants must be available for the entire duration of the Focus and are expected to take part in the entire programme.
  • Participants must arrive in Paris for the beginning of the program on Monday, May 15th, 2022 at the latest. The program will end on Friday May 19th in the evening, participants are invited to plan for their return travels on Saturday May 20th, 2022.
  • Following expenses inherent to the Focus program will be covered by the Institut français and its partners: accommodation (in Paris, from Monday May 15th to Friday May 19th included), meals (when part of the program), local transportation (excepted for airport transfers), ISEA2023 accreditation and tickets for the cultural visits.

Contact: numerique@institutfrancais.com