Francúzske veľvyslanectvo a Francúzsky inštitút na Slovensku vyhlasujú výzvu na predkladanie projektov na podporu právneho štátu a boj proti netolerancii. Táto výzva je určená organizáciám občianskej spoločnosti a poskytuje spolufinancovanie ich projektov a iniciatív počas roka 2024. V pláne je podporiť štyri projekty.

The French Embassy and the French Institute in Slovakia are launching a call for projects to support the rule of law and combat intolerance. This call is aimed at civil society organisations and provides co-financing for their projects and initiatives during the year 2024.


The projects submitted must address one or more of the themes listed below:

  • Support for the rule of law: action to defend and promote human rights, and actions to raise awareness, educate or advocate in their favour.
  • Support for democratic participation: creation and management of associative structures in all areas of Slovakia, organisation of cultural events including awareness-raising activities, legal aid and defence of the rights of the associative sector.
  • Combating all forms of violence and discrimination and promoting an inclusive approach: preventing and combating hate speech; promoting equal rights and opportunities for women and men; combating violence based on gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.
  • Strengthening access to human rights: promoting sexual and reproductive rights; facilitating access to the law for vulnerable populations; strengthening the rights of LGBTQIA+ people.
  • Raising awareness and educating people and public authorities about their fundamental rights.

Eligible structures and activities

The call for projects is aimed at non-profit, non-governmental organisations registered in Slovakia and implementing projects on Slovakian territory. An organisation may submit only one project under this call for projects.

Projects may focus on awareness-raising, advocacy, training, empowerment or support for publications in line with the themes of this call for projects, and may be implemented anywhere in Slovakia. The themes addressed will ideally be part of a European perspective, by seeking partnerships with European, and particularly French, non-governmental organisations. The Service for Cultural Action and Cooperation of the French Embassy in Slovakia can help the selected organisations to find these partnerships.

Amount and terms of co-financing

Each winning project will receive co-financing up to a maximum of 80% and a maximum amount of €2,000; beneficiaries are therefore invited to seek other sources of funding. The grant will be paid in one instalment when the agreement is signed.

Material and human resources (working time, etc.) may be claimed as in-kind co-funding.

Administrative costs (running costs of the structure, such as salaries and rent) must not exceed 30% of the total budget: the co-financing provided by the French Embassy and the French Institute of Slovakia is intended to implement a project with the aim of strengthening the capacities of Slovak NGOs and is not intended to cover the usual running costs of an organisation.

Projects must start in 2024 and be completed by 30 April 2025. Their implementation must be the subject of regular information and a brief narrative and financial report must be submitted no later than one month after completion. Project promoters must mention the support obtained from the French Embassy and the French Institute of Slovakia in all communication materials relating to the project. The French Embassy and the French Institute in Slovakia will if possible organise a meeting and exchange session at the end of 2024; a representative of each beneficiary organisations of this call will be expected to attend.

Application file

The application file (in French or English) must be sent no later than 22 March 2024 at 23:59, in electronic format by e-mail to and must contain:

  • The application form following the provided template;
  • A detailed budget;
  • A copy of the applicant institution’s registration certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic;
  • The organisation’s articles of association;
  • A presentation of the association and its activities;
  • Bank details of the applying institution (eg an IBAN document edited by a banking institution).

All files must be in PDF format. Participants in this call for projects commit to completing the forms reliably and accurately; submission of incorrect information may result in disqualification of the application or, if this is discovered after selection, a request for the return of the funding granted. Only applications that have been acknowledged by return e-mail will be examined.

Selection criteria

The selection will be made by a jury made up of members of the French Embassy and the French Insitute in Slovakia, who may call on external experts. Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Suitability for one of the themes of the call for projects and European priorities;
  • Relevance of the project to the objectives of this call;
  • Technical and economic feasibility within the given timeframe;
  • Impact of the project: precise objectives, number of direct and indirect beneficiaries, sustainability of results, etc;
  • Replicability of the project;
  • Whether the project is part of an overall, longer-term strategy.

Particular attention will be paid to:

  • Innovative approaches;
  • The consideration of gender equality in all activities;
  • Connections with institutional partners created by the project. Projects that encourage the development of cooperation between civil society organisations and/or local authorities in Slovakia and France will be particularly appreciated;
  • Actions that will provide additional visibility to the French Embassy/French Institute of Slovakia.

Candidates will be notified of the results by e-mail no later than 29 March 2024. The jury’s decision is final.

Contact information

Requests for information can be directed to